How to Activate Citizens Bank Card

by admin August 06, 2023
Citizens Bank Card Activation process

Are you a Citizens Bank Debit Cardholder and looking for card activation? If so, Citizens Bank offers you several easy and secure ways to activate your debit or ATM card conveniently. Like you can complete this by phone, through an ATM, or simply by purchasing at a register using the Citizens Bank Debit Card that you want to activate. Depending on your preference, you can choose any of them to activate your Citizens Bank Debit Card.

How to Activate Citizens Bank Card

There are three different ways to activate a Citizens Bank Debit Card. In each method, you will need your card Personal Identification Number or PIN. If you are a new customer and open your checking account in a Citizens Bank branch, you would have selected your PIN at that time. If it is your replacement card, you can use your current PIN for the activation of your debit card.

In the event you forgot or lost your Citizens Bank Debit Card PIN and need a new one, call the Citizens Bank Customer Service Number to get or change the PIN. Or, you can visit a Citizens Bank branch to request a new PIN for your Citizens Bank Debit Card.

Once you have your Citizens Bank Debit Card that you want to activate and the PIN associated with it, you can proceed with the activation process. For that, you can use any of the following ways.

Activate by Phone

  • Call the toll-free number printed on the sticker on your new or replacement Citizens Bank Debit Card
  • Or, call the Citizens Bank Debit or ATM Card Activation Number at 1-800-527-1800
  • Hear the voice instructions carefully and provide the requested information
  • Complete the rest as you will be prompted
  • Wait for a while to listen to the operator confirming that your Citizens Bank Debit Card is active now.

Activate by ATM

Go to any Citizens Bank ATM. Use your debit card with its current PIN and your Citizens Bank Debit Card will be activated.

To find your nearest Citizens Bank ATM location, you can visit the official Citizens Bank website at Then click on the “Find a Branch/ATM” link found at the top right of the page. And, search by entering your preferred zip code or city/state.

Activate by Purchase

Or, simply make a purchase using your Citizens Bank Debit Card and PIN at any Point of Sale. You’re your card will automatically be activated.

How to Get a Citizens Bank Card

Citizens Bank Debit Card comes with Citizens Bank checking accounts. If you have a checking account with Citizens Bank and do not have a debit card, you can request it by logging in to your Citizens Bank Online Account. Not registered in Online or Mobile Banking? No problem. Order the card by calling the Citizens Bank customer service number or stopping by your local Citizens Bank branch.

If you do not have a Citizens Bank Debit Card, you will need to open a Citizens checking account to get the card. You can apply for a Citizens Bank Checking Account online, over the phone, or by visiting a branch.  For online applications, you can


Citizens Bank Debit Card Activation


  • After that log in to your Citizens Bank login account. That means entering your Username and Password and clicking on the Sign In button to access your account.
  • Then follow the on-screen steps to activate your card.

To complete the process, you may need to make an opening deposit. After you open the checking account, your Citizens Bank Debit Card will reach you in the mail to your provided address on the application. Once you receive the card, activate it using one of the ways mentioned earlier. Then, you can start using it.

Citizens Bank Debit Card Features & Benefits

Citizens Bank Debit Card offers the users a convenient and secure way to buy things as the safest alternative of cash. With it, you can

  • Make purchases at millions of locations across the world
  • No borrowing as the amount will directly be deducted from your primary Citizens checking account
  • Shop easily using updated Amazon account or Apple Wallet for faster checkout
  • Tap to Pay feature with contact less card as fast, simple and convenient payment option
  • Cash withdrawals, no-fee balance check, deposits, payments, and transfer at over 2900 Citizens Bank ATMs
  • Real-time 24/7 account fraud monitoring and alerts
  • Zero liability protection coverage against unauthorized charges
  • Freeze when the card is lost or misplaced and unfreeze after you find it easily
  • Online or mobile banking to manage your Citizens Debit Card activities and view transactions, spending, statements, and more.

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