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by admin April 01, 2022

The Boscov’s Credit Card is a store card great just at Boscov’s areas or for making buys on Which is likely something to be thankful for, considering the card’s high 27.24% APR that makes conveying an equilibrium from one month to another a costly thought. Simultaneously, in case you’re attempting to boost your prizes, you’ll need to put a genuinely huge measure of expenditure on your Boscov’s Credit Card, as the rate at which you acquire prizes will rely upon your yearly spending.

In particular, you’ll need to spend basically $300 at Boscov’s to begin acquiring rewards testaments. When you arrive at the base spending necessity, your Basic status will be moved up to status as an individual from Mr. B’s Ambassadors Club and begin procuring 1% back in Boscov’s prizes for buys up to $1,499. To arrive at a higher level, Mr. B’s Star Club, you’ll need to spend basically $1,500 every year, and you’ll procure 2% back in remunerations on buys up to $2,999. When you burn through $3,000 or more in a year, you’ll acquire 4% compensations as an individual from Mr. B’s Premier Club.

Boscov’s Credit Card Benefits:

  • 15% off all buys the day you enact your Boscov’s Credit Card
  • Up to 4% back in a Boscov’s Reward Certificate
  • You will get 100 reward focuses while pursuing the card
  • Can be utilized at any Boscov’s in the United States
  • You will get an exceptional birthday offer on your BDAY!
  • Twofold focuses on all surface level and aroma buys consistently

Rates of Boscov’s Credit Card:

  • Purchase APR is 27.99%
  • Credit Score Range is 650 to 850
  • Annual Fee is $0
  • Signup Bonus Spend Requirement is $1
  • Returned Payment Fee is $25
  • Late Payment Fee is $38.

Login to your Boscov’s Credit Card Account:

  • Go to the Boscov’s Credit Card login page by using the URL
  • At top right side of the page click on ‘Sign in’ tab.


boscov's credit card login


  • Scroll down on the page at the center right side under the section ‘Manage your Boscov’s Credit Account’ tab.
  • Add the username, password at the center left side of the page.
  • Now click on ‘Sign in’ button.

Recover Boscov’s Credit Card Login Initials:

  • Visit the official website
  • Now hit on ‘Forgot your username or password’ button below the login boxes.
  • Enter account number or username, zip code, last for numbers of social security. Click on ‘Find my account’ button.

Register for Boscov’s Credit Card Account:

  • Copy and paste the URL in the browser search box. Then hit enter.
  • Click on ‘Register Now’ button under the ‘Sign in’ section.


boscov's credit card register


  • Enter the account number or username, zip code, last for numbers of social security. Now hit on ‘Find my account’ button.

Boscov’s Credit Card Activation:

  • To activate the card go to the portal
  • Next at top right side of the page click on ‘Activate card’ tab.
  • Provide the credit card account number, expiration date, identification type, last 4 numbers of social security, ZIP code / postal code.
  • Now click on ‘Continue’ button.

Apply for Boscov’s Credit Card:

  • For this use the web address to visit the Boscov’s Credit Card webpage
  • At the center left side of the login section click on ‘Apply’ button.
  • Next at the center of the page click on ‘Apply now’ tab.
  • Add your name, address, date of birth, annual income, SSN, email, home and mobile phone. Accept the terms and conditions click on ‘Submit’ button.


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Boscov’s Credit Card Bill Pay without Signing in:

  • Use the URL to visit the credit card login.
  • At the top center of the page click on ‘Skip signing in to pay. Try it now’ button.
  • Add the credit card number, zip or postal code, choose the identification type, last four numbers of social security.
  • Now click on ‘Find my account’ button.

Boscov’s Credit Card Bill Pay by Phone Number:

  • Pay with your credit or debit card.
  • Call on the toll-free number 1-844-271-2778.

Boscov’s Credit Card Bill Pay BY Mail Address:

  • For mail payment you can post a check or draft.
  • Send the payment to Boscov’s, P.O. Box 659622, San Antonio, TX 78265-9622.

Boscov’s Credit Card Bill Pay in Store:

  • To pay the bill in the store use the link
  • At the center left side of the page add the city, state, or zip code.
  • Click on ‘Search’ button.
  • You can turn on GPS to find a nearby location. Or check the map and list of states.

Frequently Asked Questions on Boscov’s Credit Card:

  • Can You Pay Your Boscov’s Credit Card Online?

You need to enter your Prescreen Identification Number: If you don’t have a prescreen number, if it’s not too much trouble, click here to apply for a Boscov’s charge card to Apply! Cover bill on the web. View equilibrium and sum due.

  • Who Issues Boscov’s Credit Card?

Limit of 0 on movement buys. Boscov’s Credit Card Accounts are given by Comenity Capital Bank.

  • Can You Use A Boscov’s Credit Card Anywhere?

Other than a MasterCard or Visa or American Express, you can’t utilize a Boscov’s card anyplace on the planet other than a Boscov’s store or Boscov’s on the web. Along these lines, you can’t utilize anything rewards you procure anyplace other than Boscov’s, which seriously tightens your independence from the rat race.

Boscov’s Credit Card Customer Information:

For more information call on the toll-free number +1 800-755-6391.

Reference Link:

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