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Sam’s Credit Card Login, Apply, and Register Online

Sams West, operating as Sams Club, is an American chain of membership-dependent retail warehouse-based clubs. Presently it is claimed and operated by the Walmart Groups. The retail warehouse club was established in the year 1983 and named after Walmart’s founder Mr. Sam Walton. As per the data of January 31st, 2019, Sams Club ranks the 2nd (second) position in sales volume in respect of among the Warehouse clubs with $57.839 billion in sales (as per data in the 2019 financial year) just behind their old rival Costco Wholesale. In this article, you can learn more about how to access Sams Credit Card Login account and register, apply and reset the card login details.


Sam's Club Credit Card page


Sam’s Club is a membership-oriented warehouse club. It has a restricted product plan of action that offers, its members different quality items at a remarkable price incomparable to other traditional retailers. Sam’s Club additionally provides a variety of advantages for its members, like free delivery on most things for their Plus members alongside also with Early Shopping, Cash Rewards, and Discount on Medicines along with the advantages of their Club Membership. Club members can take benefit from Free Health Checkups, Sams Club Credit facility, Instant Savings options, regular “Tastes and Tips” examining exhibits, and also extra savings on Fuel for members.

What is Sam’s Club Credit Card

Nothing made a difference more to Mr. Sam than serving his clients, and it is to this responsibility that he achieved his enormous success. He used to tell that “Their philosophy has always been quite simple, they are agents of their customers.” At Sams Club, till now they have kept Mr. Sam’s promise by conveying straightforward simple savings to their members on products they can believe. Anywhere and every time – Life has been always better in the club.

Till January 31, 2021, Sam’s Club runs 599 membership-oriented warehouse clubs within the 44 provinces in the United States, along with Puerto Rico, and the United States Virgin Islands. Presently, Sam’s Club offers the most valuable membership for individuals. They have not just grown to offer various solutions for business people and small ventures, but also families and for regular living. Sam’s Club serves a large number of members at their online portal and along with about 600 locations throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Additionally, Sam’s Club also operates in Brazil, China, and Mexico.

S’ams Club Credit Card Details

Nowadays, the credit card has become an indispensable part of our lifestyle, as it is not difficult to utilize and advantageous for pay-out choices. The advantages of offers, limits, and deals that a credit card offers to its clients are unequaled by any other monetary items in the current market. It is likewise to recall that, credit cards can likewise become debt traps if not utilized as expected, or on the off chance that you spend beyond what you can reimburse when the bill comes at the month-end.

The greatest benefit of a Sams Club credit card is that it is not difficult to get credit. Credit Cards offered by the association, work on a deferred payment basis, which implies you will utilize your card now and pay for your purchases later on. The cash used for your purchases doesn’t go out from your bank balance, subsequently not decreasing your bank balance each time you swipe.

The Sams Club Master Card records each buy made using the card, with a definite monthly financial record send to you at the month-end. This can be used to choose and monitor your spending and buys, which could be useful when making out a financial plan or for charge purposes.

Presently, Sams Club offers 2 (two) types of Credit Cards.

  • Sam’s Club Credit Card
  • Sam’s Club MasterCard

Benefits of Sam’s Club Credit Card

  • You can avail of a $30 statement credit after opening a new account and utilize it in Sams Club purchases within 30 days from your account opening.
  • As a Plus Member, you are eligible for 2% as Cash Rewards on in-club purchases.
  • With the Sam’s Club MasterCard, you can get up to 3% as Cash Back Rewards on purchases from Sams Club for Plus (1% money back for Club).
  • As a Sams Club Master Cardholder, you can acquire 5% money back on gas stations (on your first $6,000 annually, afterward 1%), 3% money back on dining and takeout, 1% money back on other transactions.
  • A member can gather a maximum balance of $2,000 earned as Cash Rewards on a membership card. (Note: Cash Rewards cannot be earned for the transaction made during the time of Maximum Balance in your account).
  • Sams Credit Cards and Master Card are accepted at all Sams Club and Walmart stores nationwide.

Fees for Sams Credit Card

  • You are charged $0 (No Fee) as an Annual Fee.
  • You will be charged a variable Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 14.90% to 22.90% (Rates applicable from 1st January 2021).
  • A minimum charge for interests is $2.00 for both cards.

How to Apply for Sam’s Club Credit Card

To Apply for the Sam’s Credit Card, you need the follow the beneath steps:

  • Go to the authoritative website of the Sams Club.
  • Or you can click on the link
  • On the webpage find and tap on the “Sam’s Club Credit” on the top navigation bar, or directly go to the link.
  • On the fresh new page, tap the “Apply”


apply for sams club credit card


  • Again on the new page, put down your Membership number, First name, Last name, etc.
  • Now tap the “Next” button below and follow to finish.

Register your Sam’s Credit Card Online

If you want to Register your Sams Credit Card, follow the underneath steps:

  • Directly go to the link
  • You will be introduced to a new page. Here click on the Register link.


sams club credit card register


  • Here put down your “Account Number” (i.e. 13 or 17-digit number given on the backside of your membership card) and “ZIP Code or Your Phone Number” (i.e. the phone number as already given during account opening).
  • Now press the “Continue” tab and follow the on-screen steps.


Sam’s Credit Card Login Guidelines

To Log In or Sign In for the Sams Credit Card, follow the below steps:


sams club credit card login


  • Then press the “SECURE LOIGN” tab below.

Retrieve your Sams Club Credit Card Login Account

If you forgot your sams credit card login credentials, follow the steps.

  • Go to the page.
  • If you want to reset your Username click on the User ID link.
  • Then enter your Account Number, Zip code.
  • After that click on the Continue button.
  • To Reset your Password click on the Password link.
  • After that enter your User id and zip code.
  • Then click on the Continue button.


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Sams Credit Card FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Q: Sams Credit Card Credit Score Need?

A: Anyone wants to apply for Sams card, they need at least 700 credit score for the card.

2. Q: How long does it take to get approved for a Sam’s Club credit card?

A: If you have proper approval, you can apply for your card online and get approved instantly. But some times it take 7 to 10 business days.

3. Q: What bank is Sam’s club credit card?

A: Sams Credit Card uses Synchrony Bank.

4. Q: How much need for Sam’s Club card?

A: Yearly it takes $45 to $50, depends on your uses.

Sams Club Credit Card Customer Service

Sams Club,

2101 SE Simple Savings Drive,

Bentonville, AR 72716 -0745

Phone Numbers

For General Queries (Call): (800) -964 -1917 (For Personal Credit Card, Accounts starting with 7714)

For General Queries (Call): (800) -203 -5764 (For Business Credit Card, Accounts starting with 7715)

Consumer Master Card (Call): (866) -220 -0254 (For Accounts starting with 5213)

Business Master Card (Call): (866) – 220 -2760 (For Accounts starting with 5560)

Direct Credit (Call): (800) -362 -6196 (For Accounts starting with 040)

Overdue Accounts (Call): (800) -568 -0162 (Automated)

Phone Renewals (Call): (866) -419 -5002 (Automated)

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