How to Activate Netspend Master Card Online

by admin August 18, 2023
Netspend Card Activation tips

Netspend Prepaid Master Card Features and Benefits

  • Get the advantage of depositing directly onto your Netspend Master Card, and you can receive your paycheck up to 2 (two) days faster.
  • In your own time, you can load checks to your card account, and avoid the hassle of waiting in line.
  • You can load the card anytime and anywhere like at grocery stores, check cashers, gas stations, and departmental stores all over the country. Presently there are 1,30,000 locations available to serve you.
  • Receive quick funds from your friends and send funds to your family, in much lesser time, utilizing your Prepaid Netspend Master Card.
  • Get text alerts on your phone immediately, of your purchases which will be sent to you for your information.
  • Avail of a cover-up to $10, in any case, if you fall short during your transactions.
  • Utilizing the Netspend smartphone application, you can check and track your account balances and up-to-date transactions, on your phone.
  • Manage and operate your account online by creating budgets, managing your preferences, and many more at your convenience from home.
  • You can get customized offers and Money-Back Rewards by using a prepaid card.
  • Get paid rewards and boost your card balance, by referring the Netspend Prepaid Master Card to your friends.
  • With your prepaid card, you can save some money and earn some interest also.
  • Savings can be made up to 50% off on the normal retail prices of FDA-approved medical prescriptions.
  • You can also get your prepaid card with a personalized unique image or with your family photograph.
  • A temporary Master Card number can be regenerated or created to get more control over your online purchases.
  • Your funds are protected, in case your prepaid card is used by someone dishonestly or fraudulently.
  • By calling the Netspend (Toll-Free) number 1 -866 -387 -7363, you can check your Balance, with a cost of $0.50. Additionally, you can also make an inquiry at a participating ATM near you, within the United States.

How to Register for Netspend Master Card

To Sign Up or Register for the Netspend Prepaid Master Card account, you have to follow the underneath steps:

  • Go to the authoritative website of Netspend Bank. Or else,
  • You can also click on the link
  • On the top right of the landing page, tap on “Sign Up Now”


Register for Netspend Master Card


  • Redirected to a new webpage, you will find the “Enter Your Information”
  • Now on the page, you have to put down your First name, Last name, Residential Street Address / Apartment Number, Zip Code, Email Address, etc.
  • After putting all information properly, follow the onscreen prompted instructions to complete the Sign-Up or Registration process.

Activate your Netspend Master Card Online

To activate the Netspend Prepaid Master Card, you need to follow the below guidelines:

  • First, visit the official website of Netspend Bank.
  • Or else, you can click on the link given at
  • Search and tap on the “Active Card” tab, on the top right corner of the webpage, or go to the page.
  • Clicking on that button, you will be deflected to a new webpage.
  • Put down your “Card Number” and “Security Code” in the designated blank field.


netspend card activation


  • Press the “Continue” bar below, and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.

Activate through Phone

You can also activate your prepaid Master Card via your phone. You need to call Netspend’s Customer Service at 1 -866 -387 -7363 to get help for activation.


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Contact Details

Netspend Corporation

P.O. Box – 2136

Austin, TX 78768 -2136

Netspend Customer Service

Customer Care Service (Toll-Free) (Call): 1 -866 -387 -7363 (Mon to Fri 8 am to 10 pm Central) and (Sat to Sun 8 am to 8 pm Central)

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