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by admin August 18, 2023
rushcard login guide

How to Apply for RushCard Prepaid Visa Card Online

So, to get paid up to two days faster with no lines and extra check-cashing fees, you can apply for a RushCard online. You need no credit check and no minimum balance for this. To get started, you have to

  • Visit the RushCard website,
  • Click the yellow “GET A RUSH CARD” button from the right bottom of your screen. You can also find this option in different positions on the page. Use any of those.
  • Choose a card design and pick a monthly plan that fits your life
  • Enter required details about yourself including your First Name, Last Name, Address, Social Security Number, Email Address, Apt./Suite, Zip Code, Date of Birth, and Phone Number.
  • Select the checkbox to agree to receive offers, promotions, and updates.
  • Review the electronic disclosure of information, the details of plans and fees and click the “AGREE & SUBMIT” button.

RushCard Prepaid Visa Fees

There are two Monthly Plans for RushCard Visa Prepaid Card: Pay As You Go Plan and Rush Unlimited Plan. The rates and fees of these two plans are

  • Card Purchase: $9.95
  • Monthly Fee: $0 (Pay As You Go); $7.95 (Rush Unlimited) or $5.95 Monthly Fee using Direct Deposit
  • Direct Deposit: $0
  • Cash Reload: $5.95
  • Mobile Check Load standard: $0
  • Card to Card Transfer: $0.99
  • Purchase Transaction Fee: $1.00 (Pay As You Go); $0 (Rush Unlimited)
  • ATM Withdrawal: $0(in-network); $3.00(out-of-network)
  • Teller Cash Withdrawal: $3.00
  • ATM Balance Inquiry: $0.50
  • Express Cash Fee: $30.00
  • International Transaction: 3% of the U.S. dollar amount
  • Inactivity Fee: $1.95(Pay As You Go); $0 (Rush Unlimited)
  • Card Replacement: $5.00 (regular); $30.00 (expedited)
  • Bill Payment Stop: $30.00

How to Activate RushCard Prepaid Visa Card Online

After applying if approved your RushCard Prepaid Visa Debit Card Account will be open, and you will receive your card by mail. Then, you have to activate the card to use and access all of it. For activation, you can go online and take the following steps.

  • Visit the official RushCard Website at And click the “MY RUSH CARD ACCOUNT” on the top right of the page
  • Or, access the RushCard Prepaid Visa Card Account Login Page directly at
  • Click the “ACTIVATE” button under the ‘Activate New Card’ section in the middle of the portal.
  • Enter the required details i.e. Card Number, CVV, Expiration Date, from your new RushCard sent by mail and SSN.
  • Complete the security check and click the “NEXT” button to enter into the second step.
  • Follow the prompts to activate your card and then you may be directed to register for online access to your RushCard.

Apart from online, you can also call the RushCard Customer Service Number and speak with a representative to activate your card.

If you have a temporary RushCard user, the balance on it will be automatically transferred to your personalized RushCard Prepaid Visa Card after the activation. And you will no longer have the access to your temporary card.

How to Register RushCard Prepaid Visa Card for Online Access

If you activate your RushCard Prepaid Visa Debit Card by phone, you have to register your card for online access. If you are an existing RushCard holder but do not enroll in, you will also need to create your RushCard to use the website and manage your money electronically.

The registration process is almost the same as online activation. All you need to go to the RushCard Prepaid Visa Card Account Login Center, Click the “REGISTER” button under ‘Register for Access’ from the middle top and provide the following information.

  • 16-digit RushCard Number
  • 3-digit CVV
  • Expiration Date
  • Social Security Number

Select the “I’m not a robot” checkbox and set a username and password for your RushCard Prepaid Visa Card Online Account.

How to Log In RushCard Visa Prepaid Card Online Account

After registering for online access, you can sign in to your RushCard Online Account and perform a number of account management activities. Like you can view the remaining balance, pay billers including utility companies, cell phone providers, and others, see pending and posted transactions, set the PIN, get help from the online customer service, and many more. To log in,


rushcard login


  • Click the “LOG IN” button.

You might be prompted to register your computer if you log in with a new device not been used previously.


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How to Retrieve RushCard Online Account Access

The RushCard users who have forgotten their online account login credentials can begin the recovery procedure in the following way.

  • Click the “Forgot Username/Password?” link located at the bottom of the “LOG IN” button at
  • Enter your Card Number, CVV, Expiration Month & Year, and Social Security Number in their respective fields.
  • Click the “NEXT” button to confirm your RushCard account identity.
  • Reset the password or find the username of your RushCard Prepaid Visa Card Online Account.

Contact Information 

RushCard Customer Service Phone Number: (866) 787-4227

Writing Address:

P.O. Box 42482
Cincinnati, OH 45242

The RushCard holders registered for online access can also log in to their RushCard Online Account on the web or mobile app and use the “Help” option from the main menu.

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