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TrashBilling Login and Bill pay

TrashBilling.Com is a web-based payment processing portal for Trash & Refuse haulers, and Septic & Portable toilet companies countrywide. As the company is engaged in processing the payment for your Trash Company, their name, “TrashBilling.Com” appears on your Debit / Credit Card or Bank Statement instead of your Trash Company.

What is TrashBilling.Com Portal?

TrashBilling.Com permits you to pay your Trash Bill Online. You can easily make your payment by taking the money directly from your checking or savings account, or through your Credit Card. Trash Bill accepts all major card services such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover Cards, and American Express.

TrashBilling online platform allows customers to make bill payments upon receiving their monthly bill statement from their respective haulers. The portal is not a hauler but merely an online payment processing service.

Throughout the United States using this portal you can make bill payments quickly to Recycle, Waste, Refuse, Septic, and different portable toilet companies. The entire process of making online trash bill payments is quite simple and easy to follow. To utilize the portal service your billing statements must include the “TrashBilling.Com” company name as the payment processor.

So let’s get started knowing more about TrashBilling and its services. 

Benefits of TrashBilling Online Account

There are several benefits of the Www.TrashBilling.Com online account. You can go through these benefits below and also take the advantages:

  • Com permits customers to pay quickly their trash bill online. If the customers use the portal then they don’t have to go to the office to pay the trash bill.
  • TrashBilling permits clients to make payments of bills in various methods including Bank Transfer, Payoneer, PayPal, or using Visa or MasterCard, etc.
  • Com Customer Helpdesk Team is available (24 X 7) for service & here customers can get their issues resolved.
  • Customers can also directly contact or call the trash employee and get the job done at their place.

How to Make Payment of your Trash Bill through TrashBilling.Com:

TrashBilling.Com platform is a countrywide payment processor for refuse, trash, septic, and portable toilet haulers. To make any bill payments for those utilities can be easily made using this web portal and not to the hauler.

www.TrashBilling.Com platform permits you to make payment of your trash bill online without much hassle. This is possible only if your bill comes with the message i.e. “Pay Online at Www.TrashBilling.Com” then you can utilize this platform.

You can easily make your payment, directly from your Checking / Savings account, or you can charge it to your Credit Card. TrashBilling accepts popular card services like Visa, Discover Cards, MasterCard, and American Express. If you make a payment through this portal, your trash hauler will not see any of this data, and will only be notified that you have made a payment.

To make your payment for bills, you will require to have your 12-Digit Customer ID, (displayed at the back of your Trash Bill Statement). If you don’t have the ID Number, please contact your trash hauler to get more info. This ID is vital as it also comprises all the data about your previous payments as well. After you have your ID details, please follow these simple instructions below:

  • If you wish to pay your Trash Bill online, first of all, visit the TrashBilling official portal.
  • You can also tap on the link directly at
  • Here on the TrashBilling official homepage, you can find 3 (three) sections highlighted in different colors.
  • Now just enter your “12-Digit Customer ID” (displayed at the back of your trash bill statement) on the “Pay your Trash Bill” section at the extreme left side of the web page.
  • And by tapping on the “SUBMIT” tab, you can access the Trash Bill payment page.


TrashBill bill pay


  • It is recommended to double-check & review the billing statement on-screen with your physical bill.
  • Proceed to make your bill payment either through your Checking / Savings Account.
  • Just choose your appropriate payment method and tap on the “CONTINUE”
  • Here you will be referred to your “Bank’s Payment Domain”, where you have to verify your account & put down the online Banking Data.
  • Once the bank has verified your data and processed payment, your payment will be confirmed accordingly, and again you will be readdressed to the Trash, Bill Receipt Page. Furthermore, you can also download this “Receipt” for future reference.
  • After the successful payment process, you will avail an E-mail at your registered E-mail Address and your hauler will also be notified of your payment automatically. 

How to Access TrashBill Login Account

You can easily view your Trash Bill account using the TrashBilling online platform. After Signing In, you can also view your previous accounts statements and other linked data under your Customer ID. Here’s how:

  • Go to the TrashBilling portal, to view your Trash Bill Account.
  • Here on the home page, press the middle section “View your Account”.
  • Now put down your “12-digit Customer ID”, (i.e. printed at the back of your trash bill statement).



TrashBill Login

  • And tap on the option “Log In to your Account” to view your trash bill account online.


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How to view the Trash Bill Charge details for Credit / Debit Card Users:

To view the trash bill statements that you have made previously through the TrashBilling portal, please note that following these steps can only view trash bill payments that were made through TrashBilling.Com.

If you have made Trash Bill payments using your Debit / Credit Card, you can follow these below steps to view your billing statements:

  • As a Debit / Credit Card user, if you wish to retrieve their trash bill statement, primarily can visit the TrashBilling portal at
  • Here on the TrashBilling homepage, press the option “What is this Charge on my Statement”.
  • Again click on the option “Lookup Change”.
  • Now on the left side of the web page, enter the following details found in the Credit / Debit Cards section such as the Last 4-digits of the Credit / Debit Card, the Date the Payment Charge Occurred, the amount of the Charge, etc.
  • And lastly, by clicking on the “Lookup Charge” tab to view your Charge details amount.

Important Points to Remember Before you contact at

  • Com is a payment processing company, they are not your HAULER. For billing & service matters please contact your Hauler.
  • TrashBilling does not possess your ID number. Please contact your hauler for your ID Number.
  • They don’t have your account information or balance data unless your HAULER has told TrashBilling. The company only displays the data they have.
  • To make sure who your Hauler is, please enter your ID Number and select Submit. Here you can view your Hauler’s contact information on your screen.
  • Within 30 minutes via E-Mail, you will receive a notification about your payment.
  • The E-Mail you will receive from the account – Please make sure that you will accept E-Mails from this verified address.
  • At the same time, TrashBilling.Com send you the E-Mail details of your payment, it is also available to your Hauler.
  • Trash Billing is a secured website. After you have entered your ID Number and hit the “Submit” button, you will view the padlock appearing at the bottom of your browser.

Contact Details:

Postal Mail:


2933 Waterbury-Stowe Rd, Bldg #1,

Waterbury Ctr, VT 05677, United States

Phone Number

Trash Billing Customer Helpdesk (Call): 802 -560 -3595 (Call Timings are – Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, Eastern Time)

Trash Billing Customer Helpdesk (Fax): 802 -244 -1530

TrashBilling.Com E-mail: (You must include your ID Number)

Reference Link

TrashBilling Official Web Portal Link:

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