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ComData Card Login

Earlier in 1969, Comdata was established by Mr. Curtiss W. Harter Jr. It is a gateway for the processing of payments. Primarily Comdata was under Ceridian and later on acquired by Fleetcor Company in December 2014 with a $3.45 billion acquisition.

Presently, Comdata has its headquarters located in Brentwood, Tennessee, United States. The company serves almost every primary sector of America, such as healthcare, hospitality, restaurants, construction, education, and government.


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ComData deals in the processing of Payments and issuer of Fleet Fuel Cards, Paperless Payroll Cards, Virtual Payments, Corporate Spend Cards, and Trucking Permits.

What is ComData Card?

Comdata is not a traditional Credit Card. Comdata offers a MasterCard that is an employee-owned payroll card, (i.e., a prepaid credit card), and Comdata also provides an employee’s account as a part of the company.

Comdata MasterCard is not reloadable, only the organization or employer you work for can load money into your Comdata Card.

This article is envisioned for Comdata Cardholder customers and future customers. If you are already a member of Comdata Card, you’ll know more about Comdata Log-In and Comdata Account Reset.


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But if you are a new Comdata Cardholder and wish to avail of their services, this article is intended for you. Here you will learn about how to Sign Up and Log In with Comdata and pay online using the Comdata card.

Guidelines to Log In for the ComData Card

If you wish to Log In for the ComData Card, follow these simple steps below to access your ComData Card login portal account:

  • First of all, go to the official website of ComData Card Login.
  • You can also tap the link directly at
  • Here on the landing page, enter your ComData “User Name” and “Password” in the empty box.
  • And lastly, to access your ComData Card Account, tap on the “LOG IN”


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How to Recover ComData Card Login Account

If you have somehow forgotten or lost your ComData Card login Account User Name or Password, please go through the steps below:

  • Primarily, visit the ComData Card Log In official site
  • On the home page, click the link “Forgot User Name and Password” as required.


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  • If you have tapped on the “Forgot User Name” link, then on the next page put down your Card Number and E-mail Address (i.e. already registered) and tap on the “SUBMIT REQUEST” tab below. ComData will verify your account data and will send you an e-mail with your account User Name.
  • Alternatively, if you have tapped on the “Forgot Password” link, then on the next page, enter your User Name & E-mail Address (i.e. already registered) in the given space and click on the “SUBMIT REQUEST” button to continue. ComData will verify your request and send you an e-mail in your inbox with your account User Name and a new password that is generated by the system for your account.

How to Register your ComData Card

The Comdata Card is an exclusive payroll card that allows employees to get their paychecks straightaway on the card account. Every payroll cycle of employees’ net pay is directly transferred to their card account instead of receiving an actual check in the mail.

Cardholders can easily withdraw their cash or make online transactions and pay their bills. The cards are secured by MasterCard security and can be utilized as Debit Cards anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Just like most traditional Credit & Debit Cards, the Comdata Card must be activated before using it for the first time.

There are fundamentally 2 (two) main ways you can Register / Active your Comdata Card:

Online Registration

  • To activate your Comdata MasterCard online, move to the
  • Here on the home page, tap on the link, “Are you a New User – Click here to Register”.


comdata card register


  • Then being referred to the next page enter your ComData “Card Number or Employee ID” and “Activation Code” as well.
  • Primarily, to activate the Comdata Card, the branch office will first issue you a temporary card. So you will require to provide the “16-Digit Card Number” of your ComData Card.
  • After you continue on, there will be a “9-Digit Social Security Number” (SSN) requirement for activation, please put it down.
  • Finally, press the “NEXT” tab to proceed ahead and follow the on-screen guidelines to finish.


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Please Note: While activating your ComData Card online, you’ll also create a profile on your account. Using your profile, you’ll be able to view your account balance online at your convenience.

You can additionally set up direct deposits to move funds from Comdata to Comdata accounts to another specific bank account.

Activation via Telephone

Alternatively, you can also activate your ComData Card via phone by dialing a toll-free number at (888) -265 -8228 / (800) -282 -7496. The Automated Assistance will guide you through the card activation procedure.

You’ll require to provide your Card Number and Activation Code. Your activation code can be your Employee Number / ID, Date of Birth, Phone Number, or any other number provided by your organization.

Please Note: After you have activated your ComData Card online or via phone, you’ll automatically be issued a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Later on, you can alter your PIN to one simpler for you to remember.

The 4-Digit PIN Number is needed for specific transactions, like ATM withdrawals and Debit purchases. Also, it will be required if you are using ComData’s Automated Phone System.


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Other Types of Comdata Cards Offered

ComData offers a wide range of cards, in addition to general payroll cards. ComData also provides cards for support managing Corporate Expenses, Fleet Operations like Traveling Expenses, Accounts Payable Transactions, & Corporate Payments.

All available ComData Cards can be activated by following these two methods discussed above. The information required may vary a bit based on the card type.

For example, as an owner of the ComData Prepaid MasterCard, you have to call a different Toll-Free Number and enter a 3-Digit Security Number that is displayed on the reverse side of the card.

The specific guidelines for activation for each ComData Card are provided in the information you receive with your card. 

ComData Card Benefits

The ComData Prepaid Master Card has exclusive features that make it unique as one of the leading credit cards for managing your money online and making online payments. There are several options for you can utilize your Comdata Prepaid Master Card after you have registered with Comdata.

  • You can withdraw money with this ComData Card at any ATM.
  • Verify the balance of your Comdata Card Account from any location and at any time.
  • It is possible to set up an alert to notify you of each payment and when the employer deposits cash at the time of payday.
  • You can enjoy the shorter wait time for your payment because you don’t have to wait for cheques on paper.
  • Use the Card at any point where MasterCard is accepted.

Contact Details

ComData (Headquarters Address)

5301 Maryland Way,

Tennessee, Brentwood 37027, United States

Comdata Office Phone Numbers (Call): + 1 -800 -266 -3282 / + 1 -615 -370 -7000

Phone Numbers

These ComData Card contact details can help you solve your problems & issues as quickly as possible.

Comdata Prepaid and Pay Card Rewards (Call): (888) -265 -8228

Comdata MasterCard Support (Call): (800) -282 -7496

Reference Links

ComData Card Official Log In Web Link:

ComData Official Website:

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