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TD Bank, N.A., is a U.S. national monetary bank and an auxiliary of the Canadian-based multinational organization Toronto-Dominion Bank. It operates mainly throughout the East Coast, in over 15 (fifteen) United States provinces and Washington, D.C. TD Bank is the 7th biggest U.S. financial institution through deposits & the 11th biggest financial institution within the United States through general assets, as a result of several mergers and acquisitions. Toronto-Dominion Bank USA has its headquarters in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States.

Toronto-Dominion (TD) Bank always focused to assist businesses that offer access, resources & significant solutions for a more inclusive & sustainable future. As the world is changing very quickly the Toronto-Dominion Bank (USA), is always prepared to help. The company has decided to dedicate around $750 million by the year 2030 to enhance economic security, create a colorful planet, and encourage better health, and connect communities worldwide.

TD Bank Credit Card Login Requirement:

In order to get a Log In or Sign In for Toronto-Dominion Bank USA Debit & Credit Card Accounts, you will just be required to follow the simple steps below:

  • First of all, visit the main official web portal of TD Bank Card Log In.
  • You can also tap on the link directly
  • Here on the landing page, you will easily find the “Welcome to TD Card Services” heading, and put down your “User Name” & “Password” on the given fields.
  • And filling the fields with proper information carefully, tap on the “Log In” button below to access your TD Bank Card account.


td bank credit card login


Please Note: If the above portal link does not work sometimes, you can then simply move on to the TD Bank (USA) Official Website at  or TD Bank Mobile Application (Android or iOS) and get “Sign Up” or “Enroll” to manage your account.

How to Activate your TD Bank Credit Card Online:

If you wish to Activate your TD Bank Visa Debit Card, please go through the below steps:

  • It is quite simple to Activate your new TD Bank Visa Debit Card.
  • First of all, you will need to call the TD Bank Card Activation Centre. You can easily find the Phone Number which is already listed on a sticker on the back side of your new card.
  • Now by utilizing the Automated Telephone System, follow through the prompts and enter your “Personal & Card” information, such as your new Card Number.
  • After you have properly entered your information, the system will tell you that your TD Bank Card is Activated.
  • Then you will be required to remove the “Activation Sticker” from the card and put your “Signature” on the back side of the card with an indelible marker or pen.
  • You can now easily begin to utilize your TD Bank Debit Card anywhere Visa is accepted.

How to Enroll or Sign Up for Online Access to TD Bank Credit Card Account:

If you wish to Sign Up or Enroll for online access, choose the “Sign Up” option on the TD Credit Card Services Log-In webpage. Here on the Enrollment page put down your “Card Number” and then tap on the “Continue” button. Now on the next page, you will be prompted to put down your required “Security” information. Then you can easily create your new “User Name” & “Password”.

What to do if you Forget your TD Connect Card Account User Name or Password:

  • Primarily, move on to the TD Card Services Log In web page.
  • Here you will need to tap on the “Recover User Name or Password” option below.
  • Now you will need to enter your “Card Number” and tap on the “CONTINUE” button and follow the on-screen guidelines.
  • If you have forgotten your TD Bank Card User Name, then you can utilize your “16-Digit Card Number” and “Password” to Log In successfully to the TD Connect Card web portal.
  • Alternatively, if you have forgotten your TD Bank Card Password, then you have to click on the “Forgot Password” option and put your User Name, E-mail Address, etc and then follow the on-screen prompts to retrieve or create a new password. 

How to Replace your Damaged, Lost, Or Stolen TD Bank Visa Debit Card:

There are various ways to get a replacement for your TD Bank Visa Debit Card. If you require a replacement right away, you can easily schedule a pickup on the same day or the next day. If you are not in a hurry, then you can always have the option to order one through Online Banking, the TD Bank Mobile Application, or by calling at 1 -888 -751 -9000 and you can easily receive it in the mail in about a week.

Additionally, if you have lost or stolen your TD Bank Debit Card, then you can easily lock it right away utilizing the TD Bank mobile application (Android or iOS). You have to go to the “Accounts” option and then tap on “Manage your Cards”, and then “Lock or Unlock Your Card” in the TD Bank Mobile Application.

And alternatively, in TD Bank Online Banking, just move on to the “Account” option, and then tap on “Account Services”, then click on “Card & Account Settings”, and afterward tap on the option “Lock or Unlock a Card” to get started.


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What to do if your TD Bank Credit Card is Lost Or Stolen:

In any circumstances, if have lost or stolen your TD Bank Credit Card you should firstly lock your card utilizing the TD Bank Mobile Application (Android or iOS) or Online Banking Account to prevent unauthorized transactions. You have to simply navigate to your Credit Card Account, choose the option “Manage Card” and then tap on “Lock Card”.  Only the primary account holders can utilize the Lock /Unlock feature.

If your TD Bank Credit Card is being lost or stolen, or if you think someone may be used or already used them without your permission then please notify TD Bank Customer Services immediately by calling at 1 -877 –GO -TD1ST (1 -877 -468 -3178) or if you possess a First Class Visa Signature Card or for all other cards call 1 -888 -561 -8861.

After receiving your complaint TD Bank will immediately block and cancel your Credit Card and send you a new one within 7 to 10 business days. If your card is been locked then the card cannot be used for any kind of authorized new Purchases, Cash Advances, or Balance Transfers. If you are using an automatic bill payment set up, then the bank will transfer it to your new card. Along with Visa’s Zero Liability Policy, for unauthorized transactions made online or for signature-based transactions at merchants, you will not be liable.

What to do if you have forgotten the PIN to My TD Bank (USA) Debit / ATM Card:

In any circumstances if you have forgotten your TD Bank Debit / ATM Card PIN and wish to set up a new one or get a PIN reminder sent to you, you can do the same by following the guidelines below:

  • Primarily, you can visit a TD Bank (USA) Store.
  • Alternatively, you can simply call the TD Bank Customer Care Service at 1 -888 -751 -9000 and TD Bank will send you a PIN reminder via E-mail or Mail.
  • Your TD Bank PIN reminders can be mailed to your residential address on file & may take 7 to 10 business days to receive depending on your postal office.
  • TD Bank also carefully serves the customers who are deaf or hearing impaired & who utilize the TTY (Text Telephone), Video Relay or other Operator Assisted Relay Services, etc.
  • All kinds of Relay Operator Assisted calls can be done at 1 -866 -251 -3552.
  • TD Bank clients who are traveling abroad can call collect, along with operator assistance, at 1 -215 -569 -0518. Please note that this number will not work within the United States and is only intended to work overseas. 

TD Credit Card Customer Service:

TD Bank USA:

2035 Limestone Road,

Wilmington, DE 19808 United States

Phone Number: 1 -302 -351 -4560

TD Bank USA:

357 Kings Hwy N, Cherry Hills,

NJ 08034, USA

Phone Number: 1 -856 -482 -6662

TD Bank USA:

300 Delaware Ave Ste,

110 Wilmington, De 19801 -1638 United States

Phone Number: (302) -655 -5031

Phone Number:

TD Bank Customer Service Representative (Call): 888 -751 -9000 (24 X 7)

TD Bank Customer Care Service for Queries or Enroll (Call): 1 -888 -751 -9000 (24 X 7)

Report a Lost or Stolen Card (Call): 1 -888 -751 -9000 (24 X 7) For ATM / Visa Debit Card

Report a Lost or Stolen Card (Call): 1 -888 -561 -8861 (24 X 7) For Visa Credit Card

For Deaf or Hearing impaired & TTY (Text Telephone), Video Relay (Call): 1 -888 -751-9000

Customers Calling from Abroad (Call): 856 -751 -9000 or Calling Collect with Operator Assistance at 215 -569 -0518 (This number is intended to work overseas only)

To Avail Account Information (Call): 800 -836 -0853 and 800 -295 -7400 (Utilize the TD Bank by Telephonic Automated Service Toll-free anytime)

TD Bank Customer Service Representative (Call): 800 –YES – 2000 (24 X 7) (For Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Metro New York, and Metro DC, etc)

TD Bank Customer Service Representative for Massachusetts, Rhode Island (Call): 800 -747 -7000

TD Bank Customer Service Representative for New Hampshire (Call): 800 -224 -5563

TD Bank Customer Service Representative for Vermont (Call): 800 -257 -0899

TD Bank Customer Service Representative for Canada (Call): 800 -819 -1243

TD Bank Customer Service Representative for Other Provinces (Call): 800 -747 -7000

Reference Link:

TD Bank Card Log In Portal:

TD Bank Official Website:

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