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by admin September 17, 2020
Activate SunTrust Bank Debit Card Online

SunTrust Bank Debit Card Activation

Have you opened a checking account in SunTrust Bank? And received a debit card? If yes, SunTrust makes it easy for you to activate your SunTrust Bank Debit Card by providing a separate dedicated website and phone service for it. Using either of them, you can activate that SunTrust Bank Debit Card online or over the phone. Both ways are convenient and easy to use. And you can use them from the comfort of your home at any time.

Once activated, you will be able to withdraw, deposit, or transfer money 24/7 and will have the purchasing power anywhere you go.

How to

If you are a new SunTrust Debit Cardholder and looking for activating the card, you can do it over the web completing a few simple steps. To initiate the online activation just keep your SunTrust Bank Debit Card that has recently arrived in the U.S. mail handy and follow the guide given here.

  • Go to the SunTrust Bank Debit Card page at www.suntrust.com
  • Click on the “Activate Card Now” button on the left-middle on your screen.

Activate SunTrust Bank Debit Card Online

  • Or, directly visit the SunTrust Debit Card activation page at www.suntrust.com
  • Submit the required card info i.e. Card Number, Expiration Date, and Security Code or CVV in their respective fields from your SunTrust Debit Card.
  • Next, enter your Zip Code and Social Security Number or Tax ID Number in their fields.
  • Select the “I’m not a robot” captcha checkbox as a security measure.
  • Click on the “Activate” button.

In the next step, you have some additional options. Complete it as per your preferences following the on-screen instructions. Lastly, you will reach the ‘Confirmation’ page to finish your SunTrust Debit Card activation.

How to Activate SunTrust Bank Debit Card by Phone

Would not like to go online? You can activate your SunTrust Bank Debit Card by calling over the phone at 1.844.STCARDS. Hear the voice prompts and provide the card details and other necessary information. Upon completion, your SunTrust Debit Card will be active and all ready for use.

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SunTrust Bank Debit Card Features & Benefits

There are several SunTrust Debit Cards are available with different types of SunTrust Bank Checking Accounts and Solutions. Like, you have SunTrust Debit MasterCard, SunTrust World Debit MasterCard, and Delta SkyMiles World Debit MasterCard.

Each of the SunTrust MasterCard debit cards allows the respective cardholders to access money from the linked SunTrust Bank checking account including the following convenience.

  • Use the card to make purchases and pay bills at millions of retailers worldwide
  • Withdraw cash at more than 2000 SunTrust ATMs and 1200 branches without any fee
  • Shop and earn cash back at hundreds of participating retailers
  • Receive a refund up to $250 using Satisfaction Guarantee within 60 days of purchase
  • Full protection from unauthorized purchases
  • Secure checkout with the contactless card at the terminals
  • Add your SunTrust Debit MasterCard to your chosen mobile wallet and check out faster
  • Use SunTrust Debit Card Controls to lock and unlock the card
  • Track spending and other card activities with SunTrust Online or Mobile Banking
  • Access all other MasterCard benefits such as extended warranty, purchase assurance, MasterCard ID Theft protection, and more.

Contact Information

SunTrust Bank Debit Card Assistance Phone Number: 877-268-5353

SunTrust General Customer Service Number: 800-786-8787

Mailing Address:

SunTrust Bank
PO Box 85024
Richmond, VA 23285-5024

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