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Westpac Debit Card online

Westpac Debit Card Activation

Westpac provides its customers with several ways to activate their Westpac Debit Card with ease and convenience. For the activation, the cardholders do not even step outside. All the activating methods you can take at home through the internet or phone. And you will be good to go in minutes. Just remember that if you are an additional cardmember, you have to wait until the primary cardholder activates their Westpac Debit Card first.

How to Activate Westpac Debit Card Online

Activating Westpac Debit Card online is simple and easy. Here is a short step-by-step guide for Westpac Online Banking user to activate your Westpac debit card on the web. Before beginning just have the new Westpac Debit Mastercard details on your hand.

  • Visit the official Westpac website at www.westpac.com.au
  • Sign in to Westpac Live Online Banking with your registered Customer ID and Password

Westpac Live Online Banking

  • If you are not enrolled in the service, click the “Register for online banking” link from the right-hand side. Then get started the registration with your Westpac Card or Customer ID. Create an online account and then sign in to it.
  • After logging in, go to the “Service” tab on the Menu bar and click on the “Services” option from the drop-down list.
  • Select the “Activate card” link from the ‘Card services’ area.
  • Enter the card details i.e 16-digit Westpac Debit Card Number and Expiry Date in their respective fields.
  • Click the red “Activate” button

registration with your Westpac Card

Once activated, you can use your Activate Westpac Mastercard Debit Card and access your card-member features and benefits.

Other Ways to Activate Westpac Debit Card

Besides, Westpac Live Online Banking at westpac.com.au you have many other options to activate your Westpac Debit Card. These are the following.

Westpac Mobile App

Instead of visiting the Westpac website, you can also use Westpac App from your smartphone for activating your Westpac debit card. The procedure is almost similar to the online one.

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For that, you need to download and open the Westpac App on your mobile phone. Tap the ‘Sign in to banking’ and then ‘Self-Serve’ icon from the bottom menu. Choose the ‘Activate card’ under ‘Card services’. Enter the Card Number and Expiry Date from your Westpac Debit Mastercard. Tap “Activate” below the entry fields. Your Westpac Debit Card will be activated and ready to be used.

Telephone Banking

Just like online banking if you are registered for Westpac Telephone Banking, you can log in to the service and activate your Westpac Debit Card.

To do that just call the following number and provide the required login credentials to sign in to your Telephone Banking Account. Select ‘Other Services’ followed by ‘Card Activation’ hearing the voice instructions. Complete the rest to activate your Westpac Debit Card.

Westpac Telephone Banking Number: 132 032

By Phone

The Westpac Debit Cardholders can activate their card even if they are not using Online Banking or Telephone Banking over the phone at any time.

To initiate the activation procedure, keep your Westpac Mastercard Debit Card at ready to access. Dial the phone number given below and follow the prompts.

Westpac Debit Card Activation Phone Number: 1300 308 930

Westpac Debit Mastercard Features & Services

Westpac Mastercard Debit Card is for the Westpac Choice bank account holders. Packed full of benefits, it helps the users bank easily and access their money in more places with added security. With a Westpac Debit Mastercard, you can

  • Make purchases online and in stores worldwide wherever you see Mastercard logo
  • Access cash at ATMs with no withdrawal fee at major banks ATMs in Australia and 50,000 plus ATMs across the world.
  • Pay for everyday purchases using Contactless technology
  • Use with Google Pay at contactless terminals from your mobile
  • Shop securely 24/7 with fraud money-back guarantee
  • Link up to 2 eligible Westpac bank accounts to your Westpac Debit Mastercard
  • Access Westpac PayWaear, a wearable, to pay on the go without any contact
  • Use Cardless Cash to withdraw money from any Westpac Group ATM without a card
  • Lock the card temporarily if it is lost with Card On Hold for up to 15 days to search for
  • Access and monitor card activity with Westpac Online or Telephone Banking and more.

Contact Information

Westpac Personal Customer Service Phone Number: 1300 655 505. Call at (+61 2) 9155 7700 if you are contacting from overseas.

Mailing Address:

The Proper Officer
Westpac Banking Corporations
Level 18, 275 Kent Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

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