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by admin August 22, 2022

Activate Your Turbo Prepaid Card at turboprepaidcard.com/activate

Just received a Turbo Prepaid Card in the mail? If the answer is yes then you can get your card activated at the website of the debit card provider. The user needs to have the prepaid card handy at the time of activation, have a working web connection, and a few more things to complete Turbo Prepaid Card Login and Activation.  in a few minutes.

Activating your Turbo Prepaid Card is simple if you are aware of the process. However, those who aren’t yet acquainted with the procedure can find this walkthrough useful. Read on for a step-by-step guide to the Turbo Prepaid Card activation.

Turbo Prepaid Card Overview

Turbo Prepaid Card or the Turbo Card is a prepaid Visa Card that can be used as a regular debit or credit card. You can load money on your card and use it at multiple destinations such as restaurants, departmental stores, online portals, and ATMs.

It is easy to reload your card every time you require it and also get the advantage of benefits such as the ASAP direct deposit and Money Pak features. Furthermore, the Turbo Prepaid Card has a huge ATM network that lets you access your money anytime and anywhere.

How to Activate Turbo Prepaid Card?

  • Go to the activation website of the Turbo Prepaid Card. turboprepaidcard.com/activate
  • As the webpage opens you will find the activation section.
  • Enter the following information in the respective spaces:
  • 16-digit card number
  • Expiration date
  • CVV

Turbo Debit Card Activate



Create your Turbo Prepaid Card Login Account

To access your Turbo Prepaid Card Login account, you need to create your Turbo prepaid card account. If you don’t have a Turbo Card account follow these steps to create your credentials.


Turbo Prepaid Card create account page


  • Then enter your 16-digit card number Expiration day and CVV number.
  • After that click on the Next button.


Turbo Prepaid Card Login guidelines

  • In order to sign in open the Turbo Prepaid Card website. turbodebitcard.intuit.com
  • As the webpage opens look at the top right and you will find a ‘Log In’ button.
  • Click on it and you will be directed to the main login page.
  • Enter Online User ID and Password in the white spaces.


Turbo Prepaid Card Login


  • Tap on the blue ‘Login’ button below and you will be directed to the account management console.


How to Reset User ID and Password for Turbo Prepaid Card

  • If you have forgotten your credentials open the Turbo Prepaid Card homepage. turbodebitcard.intuit.com
  • Go further to the main login screen by selecting the ‘Login’ button at the top right corner.
  • On the next page look below the login section and you will find a URL that reads ‘Forgot User ID/Password?’


Turbo Prepaid Card forgot password or username page


  • Click on it and a new page opens.
  • Select whether you have forgotten your user id or password.
  • Provide the information required next and follow the prompts to regain access to your account.


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Turbo Prepaid Card Mobile Apps

You can download the Turbo Prepaid Card mobile apps for a user-friendly experience on your Android or iOS-powered device. The application is quite functional and lets you to keep a track on your account activities all 24 hours a day.

Android App

iOS App


Turbo repaid Card FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How do I check the balance on my Turbo prepaid card?

A: Just login to your Turbo Prepaid card account and go to your account tab here you can find the balance query you need, or call (888) 285-4169.

Q: How do I unlock my Turbo prepaid card?

A: If you try to access your account multiple times and could not access it, then your account should lock. If you want to unlock your Turbo Prepaid card contact customer support for more help.

Q: What bank is Intuit Turbo Card using?

A: Green Dot Bank.

Q: Can I transfer money from Turbo Card to the cash App?

A: No you not. Nowadays you cant use cash app to your turbo card.

Q: How much money can you withdraw from a Turbo card?

A: You can withdraw money from Turbo Card is $3000 per day.


This was the end of the article. We hope you have activated your Turbo Card with ease. If you have any issues you can call the help center of the Turbo Prepaid Card on 888-285-4169. They will help you resolve all account-related issues.

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